Travel Tips

Travel Tips

• Always use a Professional travel agent. TUGATA accredited agents will source all aspects of your trip and advise you about all the available choices.

• LAGS (Liquids, Aerosols and Gels). Due to hightened security all airlines put a limit on the total quatity of LAGS any passanger is allowed to carry on board. Each container MUST NOT exceed 10ml. If in doubt, contact your travel agent.

• APIS (Advanced Passager Information System) must be entered by your travel agent into all booking files 72 hours prior to your travel date.

• Visa. Ensure you have a valid visa before you travel especially for countries you are restricted from obtaining it on port of arrival.

• Valid vaccination card / Travel Insurance as maybe required or get more advise from your travel agent.Attention to Safety When boarding the aircraft, make a mental note of all exits, and count how many seat rows you pass from the exit to your row. This will expedite your escape route in case of an emergency landing.

• Always ask your Travel agent to assign you a seat. When buying airline tickets online, call the airline to get seat assignment immediately if no seat assignment is given. If you arrive at the ticket counter without seat assignment on an overbooked flight, you probably will get bumped off the flight and forced to take a later flight – which can be several hours. Due to overbooking, getting seat assignment in advance can reduce the risk of getting ‘bumped’!

• Travelling by with Gifts If you are flying for a special occasion and plan to carry presents in your hand luggage, don’t forget to check hand luggage restrictions first. Make sure all presents are permitted in cabin baggage, and remember that the liquids in hand luggage rules apply to presents too. Do not giftwrap them as they are subject to security checks and may be unwrapped.

• Air Pressure Solutions Bring gum along with you. When you are taking off, chew it. Another way to help with air pressure is to blow with your hand over your nose and mouth. Swallow and yawn.

• Dry Air on the Plane If the air gets too dry in the plane, wet some paper towels and breathe through the wet towel

• Airplane Temperature Because of the altitude, airplanes can be quite cold (especially the floor). Always take a jacket with you on the plane and take one of the blankets that the airline provides. Wool socks are not a bad idea either. On the larger planes, there is usually a little fan that blows on you. The airflow can be adjusted by twisting the unit.

• Atlantic Flights It would be best to have a few items of clothing in your hand luggage, at least to ensure you have a change of clothing. This is just in case your luggage has another destination in mind.

• Avoid Stiff Muscles – Avoid stiff muscles by trying to keep them in motion. They can ache from being too still for too long at a time. Every 10 or 15 minutes, help your circulation and muscles by rotating your shoulders (backward and forward) and bending your neck to each side by lowering your ear to your shoulder (and repeating on the other side), as well as back and forth (chin to chest, then back). Also, get up and walk around once in a while to keep that blood flowing!

• During descent, make sure that infant travelers have a soother (pacifier) to suck on. Although I am not an advocate of thumb sucking, this is an occasion when it would be good to look the other way when your toddler sucks his or her thumb. Kids who understand how to chew (and not swallow) gum can be encouraged to chew bubblegum as you descend to your destination.

• Baggage Care and Attention – When you collect your bag at the carousel, check it over before you leave the baggage claim area. Look for any damages on the bag, and to be sure that it was not opened and something taken (airlines have time limits for when these can be reported, and they will need to see the damage before opening the claim for damage or pilferage). If any sign of pilferage is noticed, please report to the relevant authority before leaving the airport terminal.

• Check In Early – Check In at least 90 minutes before departing (overseas) or you may loose your seat. When you check your luggage, make sure they tag it directly to your destination. If you have to change airlines, you may not have enough time to claim luggage, pass through customs and immigration, and catch your next flight.

• Be Ready for Delays in the Airline Terminal – With delays becoming more and more common for flights, every traveler should anticipate them and prepare accordingly. Pack something in your briefcase, carry-on, or purse that will keep you occupied if your flight is late.

• Check In for your Flight Online – Instead of waiting in long queues in front of a check-in counter at the airport, you can check in at home and even print out your boarding pass. If you travel with hand luggage only, you can proceed directly to the security check and if you travel with luggage, you will find special “drop off” counters for passengers already holding such a boarding pass. The queues here are normally much shorter than all the other queues.

• Choosing the Right Luggage for Air Travel – Here are a few luggage-related tips that will help when travelling by air:

1. Always find out what the limits are in terms of size, weight and contents for hand baggage;

2. Be aware that all your luggage may be opened by airport security staff;

3. Always ensure that your checked in bags are easily identified when on a luggage carousel;

4. Make certain that your baggage will not become snagged due to protrusions or straps when on the luggage conveyor system;

5. If you are carrying a laptop you will need to keep it with you as hand luggage;

6. Put all your valuables in your hand luggage;

7. Be prepared for baggage loss by ensuring you have essentials in your hand luggage.



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