Tugata Code Of Conduct

TUGATA Code of Conduct

TUGATA and its individual members shall act with integrity and fairness in the overall best interest of the Travel industry.


1. To promote and ensure professional and ethical conduct amongst all TUGATA members.

2. To promote partnership and constructive dialogue and co-operation with all the airlines.

3. To harmonize standards of professional conduct with TUGATA members.

4. To always inspire public confidence in the association as well as individual TUGATA members.

5. To avoid, prevent and correct any abuses or malpractices, which may undermine the image of the Association.

6. To promote welfare of TUGATA members.

7. To promote and develop a positive attitude and understanding amongst TUGATA members in their interaction with clients.

8. To promote and sustain an atmosphere of healthy competition within the travel industry.

9. To ensure amicable resolutions of all disputes and differences that may arise between and / or among TUGATA members, clients and authorities.

TUGATA members must;

1. Uphold TUGATA’s Constitution and adhere to this Code Of Conduct.

2. Respect and comply with the decisions of the Association, made at all constitutionally convened meetings.

3. Conduct their business and themselves in such a manner not to tarnish the dignity and integrity of the travel agency profession and the Association.

4. Support the spirit of free and fair competition and best business practice.

5. Provide the highest standard of travel services to the public.

6. Consider every transaction with a client to be strictly confidential, unless the client specifically authorizes disclosure.

7. Be a law-abiding and co-operative citizen.

8. At all times be in good financial standing with the Association.

9. Ensure all present and future employees read, understand and adhere to this Code of Conduct.

10. Participate in TUGATA’s functional and educational activities, such as meetings, conferences, training sessions and seminars.

11.Notify TUGATA secretariat in writing, of any changes in position, such as address changes, which may otherwise affect the member’s status and membership.


1. Seek unfair advantage over fellow travel agents
2. Conduct business that will result in controversies with fellow agents.
3. Disparage the business practices of a fellow agent or volunteer an opinion of a fellow agent’s transaction. If his opinion is sought, it should be rendered with strict professional integrity and courtesy.
4. Willfully interfere with or induce cancellation of a sale made by another agent.


1. Failure of any member to adhere to this Code Of Conduct may lead to sanctions being imposed by the Association on the member(s) in accordance with the procedures in the Constitution and as laid down herein.

2. The executive committee of TUGATA has the power and mandate to appoint a disciplinary sub-committee to deal with queries related to the conduct of its members.

3. Members and or any other parties may refer any issues and or disputes relating to the conduct of members to this disciplinary sub-committee.

4.The disciplinary sub-committee shall enquire into any allegations of misconduct referred to it and may initiate any investigations on its own.

5.Any accused member must receive a fair hearing. The accused must know what proof or allegations have been given and what statements have been made

6. The disciplinary sub-committee, after giving a hearing to both parties, shall forward its findings and recommendations to the Executive committee. These recommendations shall not be binding to the Executive committee.

7. The Executive committee, by its constitution, is empowered to impose an appropriate penalty to whoever is found to be in the wrong.

8. The Executive committee shall, in writing, convey to the member(s) concerned, the penalty so imposed.

9. Any party aggrieved by the findings/recommendations of the committee may appeal in writing to the Executive committee within 30 days from the decision announcement.



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